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1976 Digger #5 – Gary Littlejohn doing his thing!

Cover Bike: An exceptional machine with exceptional people on an exceptional Southern California day. Gary Littlejohn’s brand new 750 Honda, Gary and friend, Gary and friend Cher took time off to pose for Digger in between some heavy winter rain activity. Photo taken in North Hollywood; Features: Blue on Blue; It’s a Mover; In Memory Of; A Honda For Littlejohn; Minnesota Digger; Desert Honda; Technical: Is Blueprinting for you?; Fork Oil Maintenance; Alternator Service; It’s Called Trike; One 750 to go; Places and People: Arizona Helmet Protest; It’s Showtime; Daytona Doings; Gary Littlejohn, doing his thing; more

1976 July Digger Vol. 1, No. 5 Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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1976 Digger #4 – Black is Beautiful

Cover Bike: This super bike with its outstanding black paint is a tribute to its builder Drag Specialties of Eden Prairie Minnesota; Features: The Green Machine; Big Motor; Wild Lenny; State of the Art; Sunrise; Black Velvet; Midnight Rambler; Fire Breather; Technical: Radial the myth and the real; Kawasaki 900 petcock; It’s called TRIKE; Get a fat brake on a skinny front end; Places & People: Convoy…the biggest!; Action from ABATE; Tinsel Time; Demoralization at the DMV; more

1976 May Digger Vol. 1, No. 4 Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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1976 Digger for the street bike enthusiast – Big Shovel

Cover Bike: Big Shovel; Features: Not Too Much; Look Again; Honda with Class; First Time Out; Eastern Digger; Punky Did It; Streetable Triumph; Technical: Power By Degree; More Gab About Grab; Quickie…Save That Axle; Equal Time for Hydraulics; Building a Street Bike – Wild; Sticking Your Neck Out; Chain Adjustment; Places & People: One for our side; It’s Show Time; Run for a Son; more

1976 March Digger Vol. 1 No. 3 Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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1976 Digger – decongestants for your bike

Cover: This classy Denver style Honda features the “in” basic black paint with accenting; Technical: Decongestants for your bike; 750 Tappet Adjustment; Quickie-Solving Retard; Mechanics for your hydraulics; Building a Street Bike, Wild & Mild; Clutch Adjustment; Try Triking; Features: Orange Krate; Betting; The Call ME, Scrap Iron; Sometimes; Family Affair; Gift Wrapped; It’s a Yammer; Fiction: SuperBike; Places & People: Feather River Run; Transplant Swap; more

1976 January Digger #2 Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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1975 November Digger Magazine Volume 1, No. 1 – for the street bike enthusiast

Features: Supermarket Choppers; King of Diamonds; Coffey Special; 11th Commandment; Swing Low; Skinned Knuckles; Technical: Save it!; Horsepower; Bleeding Brakes; More grab for your Hotdogger; Building a Street Bike – Mild & Wild; Lickity Split; Un-Ugly your Kaw; Fiction: Harry Doesn’t Work Here Anymore; People & Places: Protest; Laconia ’75; Horsetrading and Tall Tales; The Bike Blessing; Daytona; more

1975 November Digger #1 Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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