1972 Summer Cycle Mechanics Magazine – Big Hop-Up Issue

Contents: All you need to know about your: Yamaha 350 Twin, Suzuki 500 Titan, Yamaha 125/175; Tune-Ups on 650 Yamaha, 650 BSA; The Real Lowdown on Oil Coolers; No More Mis-Shifts on the 350 Bighorn; Husky Fork Seal Replacement; Protecting your Four Stroke Engine; Kendick Pumper Carburetor; The Complete Bike Workshop; more

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1972 Cycle Mechanics – Everything you need to know about taking apart your Honda 500

Contents: Technically Speaking; New Products Guide; Cam-Timing Honda’s 750; More MX Muscle for Honda’s 250; Amal Cleanout; Industry Speaks Out – Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha; Gear Ratios – from primary to tire; Overhauling Honda’s half-liter; Rebuilding Kawasaki’s Mach IV Discs; Soothing the Shaft-Drive; Sportster Top End; Kawasaki Mach III Fork Rebuild; more

1972 Winter Cycle Mechanics Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com


1971 Honda 750 Tune-Up

The Honda 750 Four is one of the most popular motorcycles ever manufactured. Its sales, worshippers (i.e. Four Owners Club) and even thefts echo the popularity of this exceptional road burner. The fact that a Japanese bike would gain acceptance with the Chopper crowd says a lot for the bikes’ blatant sex appeal. Naturally, the bike has some faults but these are overlooked for the favorable aspects. This type of bike invites enthusiastic riding, but isn’t quite suited as a good Cafe Racer. A trade-off was made between ultimate cornering and a plush ride. The one area where the 750 does fall short is in the tuning. Most riders complain that the 750 is difficult to tune; keep in tune and that it’s too expensive to have it done professionally. In the course of our testing we’ve found that there are very few mechanics who really understand this bike…Actually the Four is just as simple as any twin except that more time is need to do the job right…

Contents: Honda 750 Tune-Up; Kawasaki 350 Teardown; Timing the Montesa 125; Maico Electrics; Converting Army Shoes to Riding Boots; Chamfering Piston Rings; Diaphragm Carburetor Tricks; Fork Brace Lowdown; Yamaha Grand Opening; Motorcycle Salvage Yards; Beef up that front end; Keen-Serts; The easy way to install handlebar grips; more

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1971 Cycle Mechanics Magazine – The Right Way to Do a Valve Job

Contents: The Proper Way to Do A Valve Job; Mexican Motocrosser; Self-Service Mechanic; Soldering Techniques; Pass a Vehicle Inspection Check; Turn Indicators into Brake Lights; How Patches are Made; Webco Project Bike; Cooling a Commando; Table Top Customizing; Better Handling for the Honda 100; Bultaco Fork Tuneup; Measuring Piston to Cylinder Clearance; Dismantling Triumph Twin Trans; Torque for Pennies; Lapping a Head; more

1971 June Volume 2 Number 6 Cycle Mechanics Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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1971 Cycle Mechanics Magazine – Norton 750 Overhaul

Contents: Norton 750 Overhaul – in-depth comprehensive article on rebuilding the time honored 750cc Norton Vertical Twin; Hot Pants and Overhauls – would you believe women mechanics?; World’s first hand operated motorcycle – no feet required; Big Bore Suzuki Savage – 322 cc’s for under $60; Removing stubborn magneto flywheels; Shopping at the Swap Meet – a motorcycle flea market; Pop off the Maico Magneto; Ease up that stiff throttle; Honda 350 transmission strip; Fork Tube Straightening; Revell / Yamaha contest – big prizes for little models; Freshen up the AJS Top End; Make your own degree wheel; more

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1971 Cycle Mechanics – Expansion Chamber Special

Contents: How to buy an expansion chamber; Product Analysis – The Bassani Silencer; Cone Construction; Sneak Preview – Variable Chamber; Suzuki 90 Tear down & hop up; Drop a sleeve in a two-stroke; Build a 19 cent engine stand; Torch Tubing and Time; $2 Manometer; Add lights to a Centurion; Lighten up that Maico Clutch; Advanced motorcycle design; Yamaha Mini Enduro Tear down; Make your big single easier to start; 38mm diaphragm carburetor; Motorcycle Trade Schools; Gauges how and why; Tuning the Tecumseh; more

1971 May Cycle Mechanics Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com