Classic Motorcycle Test – Scott “Flying Squirrel” – one of today’s more unusual anachronisms

“With only a dozen or so known Scott owners in the United States at present, we had to look pretty hard to find one who would be willing to let the machine out for a short ride and have it subjected to the Cycle World scales, rulers and prying camera. Such a person we found through Alan Girdler…”

Two articles for the price of one! With this “Flying Squirrel” Test you also will get the article, “History of Scott” by Geoffrey Wood.

“If you haven’t read the “History of Scott,” by Geoffrey Wood, elsewhere in this issue it would pay you to do so at this time and return to the “Flying Squirrel” test after you’ve digested it. Being well acquainted with the history of Scott motorcycle will make this test much more enjoyable and understandable.”

1972 Classic Test – Scott “Flying Squirrel” plus “History of Scott” 9-Page Article available at


1979 Showdown – Four 125 Motocrossers on the line

Contents: Showdown – Four 125 Motocrossers on the line – Kawasaki KX125, Honda CR125R, Suzuki RM125N, Yamaha YZ125F; Road Tests: Honda CB750F, Yamaha IT175F, BMW R100RT; History: Scott Flying Squirrel – purple paint and Pilgrim Pump – a most peculiar motorcycle; Technical: Project Hawk; Kawasaki Uni-Trak Motocrosser; Features: Bad Brad Lackey; Competition: Daytona 1979; Kawasaki F750 Four -alive and well in Australia; more

KX-125 CR-125 RM125-N RM-125 YZ125-F YZ-125 CB750-F CB-750 IT175-F IT-175 R-100 R100-RT

1979 June Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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1972 Triumph T120-RV Bonneville Road Test / Specs – Is that 5th gear worth the money?

Road Tests: Triumph T120-RV Bonneville, Suzuki 380 Three; Scott “Flying Squirrel”; History of Scott – instrumental in the evolution of contemporary two-strokes; Technique – The Enduro -an illustrated guide to rallying over hill and dale; Daytona by Dice – a fun board game; Special Report – The Helmet Man – just who do you trust your head to these days? A treatise on the Snell Foundation; Competition: Daytona 200-Mile National; The Jawa DT – background on The Speedway Machine; more

T120RV T-120

1972 June Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at