1976 Penton 250 MC5 Motorcycle Road Test / Photos / Specs

Buying the best motocrosser is no simple task these days. Time was, only a few seasons back, when price for the most part indicated which race bikes were superior. The expensive European mounts were clearly better motocrossers than the less costly Japanese bikes. But the tide has changed, and price alone no longer singles out the best – or worst. Honda started the change with the Elsinore, Yamaha emphasized it with the YZ series and Suzuki’s RMs are tearing up tracks from coast to coast. Still, the Europeans have not been sleeping, though their bikes have sen less dramatic improvements. Maicos, Huskies, Montesas and Bultacos are proven machines, and finally Penton has developed its first real motocrosser – the Grand Prix replica 250cc MC 5.

1976 Penton 250 MC5 Motorcycle Road Test 7-Page Article available at www.DadsVintageAds.com


1971 Spring Petersen’s Motorcycle Sport Quarterly Buyer’s Guide by Bob Greene

Contents: Specifications for all Models; The Fury of the BSA; Moto-Crossers ride the dyno; The Parade of ’71’s; On the trail of the 125’s; Accessory Catalog; Motorcycle Sport Quarterly, the Buyer’s Guide edition specifically, is dedicated to solving any and all perplexities regarding your introduction to the sport of motorcycling. If the answer isn’t to be found somewhere in the tediously compiled charts of specifications or seat-of-the-pants commentary of one of our many tests…192 pages, softcover, condition: very good

1971 Spring Petersen’s Motorcycle Sport Quarterly Buyer’s Guide by Bob Greene available at www.DadsVintageAds.com


1976 July Dirt Bike Magazine Shootout – Honda CR125-M vs. Penton 125MC5

Cover: Marty Smith; Shootout Comparison Test: Honda CR125-M vs. Penton 125MC5; Test: Maico 440 AWR; Technical: The Pro Line ’76; Exorcising Horse(power) thieves; Competition: AMA Supercross Series, Eastern Edition; Six Days of Two Days; Hangtown, Sportsman’s Style; Features: Interview: Marty Smith & Marland Whaley; Understanding Speedway; more

1976 July Dirt Bike Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com


1976 Dirt Bike Wrench Manual – Hop-Ups, Basics, Fix-Its

Contents: Introduction; Things you should know before you start: Zen and choosing tools; Air and your ports; The Venturi Freeway; How to start your bike; The care and feeding of spark plugs; Hop-Ups and Fix-Its: Yamaha 125 hop-up – $21.95; Kawasaki KX swingarm fix-up; Horsepower for the ’74 Elsinore; Tuning the monoshock suspension; Evaluating Suzuki’s RM125 factory kit; Enduroing the Honda MR175; KX125 Factory Replica; KTM / Penton clutch crutching; Universal Hot Setups: Drain holes work both ways; The point is…; Your sidecase sucks; more

1976 April Wrench Manual / Dirt Bike Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com


1970 Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide – Bob Greene – Petersen Specialty Publication

Contents: Which one has the muscle? We dyno test: Honda Four, Triumph / BSA 3, Harley Sportster, Kawasaki III, Eagle, Norton, etc.; How to choose the right bike; The 1970 Models & Specs; Latest Custom & Sports Accessories; much, much more!

1970 Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide – Bob Greene / Petersen Specialty Book available at www.DadsVintageAds.com


1972 Circa Penton Six Day Motorcycle Brochure

Penton Six Day is truly a sportsmans motorcycle, designed for reliability and performance, with superb handling qualities. This is a product reflecting the design and knowledge of twenty-five active years of competition. Incorporated are the very best components available in the motorcycle industry today, allowing us to make the following statements: “Not one component on the Penton Six Day was incorporate to minimize price.” It is a sports motorcycle, designed and distributed by Americans for Americans.

Original, early 1970s brochure for the Penton Six Day motorcycle – “Built To Win In The Dirt.” There is no date on the brochure but it is estimated to be from around 1970-1972. The brochure is 4 pages with photos, specifications and a small photo of John Penton on the back. There is a little bit of ink handwriting on the back and a “Cycle Sports Center” stamp as can be seen in the photos. The brochure has been folded so there are creases horizontally and vertically. Unfolded, the brochure measures 8″ x 8 1/2″.

1972-Circa Penton Six Day 4-Page Brochure available at www.DadsVintageAds.com


1972 Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide – Complete Lineup – All Tech Specs

Presents all pertinent facts, specifications, prices and other related data on the new models of 35 (count ’em) different manufacturers. Covers many topics of interest to motorcyclists – riding tips, financing, insurance, legislation, protective riding apparel, accessories, comparative dyno tests of six fire-breathing 750cc musclebikes, plus a minibike section. Another chapter is on special custom built machines; and there’s a far-out pictorial display of bikes from around the world – whatever your two-wheeled kick, Motorcyclist Buyer’s Guide is here to bring you hours of pleasurable, informative reading.

1972 Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide by Bob Greene and the Editors of Motorcyclist Magazine available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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1969 Honda’s “Fire Engine” Four – the all new 750cc four

Contents: Honda’s Fire Engine – the all new 750cc Four; The Island – The Isle of Man, motorcycling’s greatest race; Racing Rebuild – Kawasaki’s trail machine made into a racer; Sachs it to me – the Sachs 125cc ISDT; The Bikes were bashed in Baja – the Baja 500 – what really happened; Sammy Miller’s Baby – Bultaco Sherpa T; Gear for Go – pick the right sprocket combination; Tricks on tuning a Sachs gearbox; A GYT Kit for the little Yamahas – Webco’s bolt-on horseposer; The Penton ISDT 125; Re-spoking a wheel; Decarbonize a two-stroke; more

1969 Fall Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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1968 Dirt Motorcycle Roundup – the ultimates for track, trail & trial

Cover Photo: Freddie Nix on the Sacramento Mile

Contents: Trials Test – Ossa Plonker; Special Feature – The Ultimates for Track, Trail and Trial – Penton Six Day 125, Maico 360 X4-A, Husqvarna 360 Viking, Ossa Stiletto 175 and 230, Greeves Ranger, Sachs 125 Motocross; Impression: Honda Mini Trail; New York to Los Angeles – Tibor Sarossy and BMW break the coast to coast record; History: Ernst Henne, Speedmeister; Simca Smoothness in a transverse tourer; Wild Slickrock – motorcycles to another world in Canyonland, Utah; more


1968 December Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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1970 Cycle Racing. Inside the Sport. The Stars, Events, Machines, Tuning Tips

Cycle Racing 1970. A Guide to motorcycle sprot by the editors of Cycle Magazine. Inside the Sport: The Stars, Events, Machines, Tuning Tips, plus a big how-to section, and tests of 8 racers you can buy!

Contents: Editorial; How to stage a dynamite enduro; How to go sportsman racing; Technical: Tuning your 2-stroke; GYT Kit – Instant horses; 150 MPH easy!; Air Filters -dusting it off; Expansion Chambers; Muscle-Up Modifications – Hodaka Ace 100; Year’s Best Service Tips; Competition: Yamahas in Europe; AMA Season – The Vicious Circle; Mud, Sweat & Gears; True Grit – European Motocross; People: Those who won; Giants Asleep – when will American Motocross wake up?; Where do they go from here? – Lawwill and Rayborn rap about racers’ futures; Ridin’ back to the fifties (on my H-D 74); Off Road Breakout: Bikes and the Boom; Bultaco 360cc El Montadero; Yamaha 125cc AT-1 / 125cc AT-1 MX; Penton 125cc Enduro / 125cc Motocross; Kawasaki 238cc Green Streak Scrambler; Honda 350cc SL Road/Trail; Bultaco 100/125cc Lobito; CZ 360cc Motocross; Greeves 380cc Griffon; more

1970 Cycle Racing Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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1972 400 Suzuki Enduro TS400-J Road Test -a few changes would make it better

Cover: Frazier Park provided the setting for this photo of the new 400 Suzuki; Road Tests: 400 Suzuki Enduro TS400J, Ossa 250 Mick Andrews Replica, Penton 125 Six-Day Enduro; Features: 125cc Enduro Roundup – ten combination 125s examined; Dave Bickers; Technical: Pistons for performance; Competition: Evel’s Big Buck Moto-Cross – Gary Jones and Jim Weinert took home most of the money; San Jose Mile / Jim Rice; Baja 500 – Honda wins with Silverthorne and Fetty; more

TS400-J TS-400

1972 September Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

Circa 1973 Penton 175cc Jackpiner Photo & Specs Brochure

Original, vintage, circa 1973 Penton Brochure includes “The Penton Story” with photo of John A. Penton, The U.S. Trophy Team at the 47th ISDT, Photos and specs of the 175cc Jackpiner and 100cc & 125cc Enduros. Great Penton Motorcycle History piece.

Cover Photo: Six days and 1000 off-road miles behind them, U.S. Trophy Team gold medal winners Carl Cranke and Bill Uhl ready their Pentons for the final road race at the ISDT in Czechoslovakia.

175cc Jackpiner – three years in development. The most advanced 2-stroke competition machine in production today. The new Jackpiner features our oiwn exclusive 6-speed alloy engine, Motoplat ignition and an advanced engineering that means the finest in reliability and performance for the serious competitior.

The U.S. Trophy Team at the ISDT – By sweeping the U.S. qualifier trials series in the U.S., Pentons were again chosen to represent the U.S. at the 47th International Six Days Trial in Czechoslovakia. The six-man Trophy Team finished all six riders for four gold medals, one silver and one bronze and sixth in the world. Testing like this assures you of reliability and the most competitive production cycle in its class. Pictured left to right: The U.S. Trophy team, Jack Penton, Bill Uhl, Dick Burleson, Manager Doug Wilford, Carl Cranke, Dane Leimbach and Jeff Penton, all mounted on Pentons.

The Penton Story: Back in 1967 John Penton had a dream. He dreamed of a competition motorcycle designed for Americans by Americans. Being one of the United States most consistent and well-known Enduro riders with a long list of National Enduro wins and the National Enduro Championship to his credit, he still was not satisfied with the competition machinery available on the market. He found that to be competitive in cycle racing, it required too many modifications, extensive upkeep and a knowledge that few riders had. He kept dreaming about that machine until one day he dcided dreaming was not enough and packed up his 25 years of experience and went shopping in Europe. There KTM of Austria took a look at John Penton’s plans and together came up with the Penton Motorcycle. A machine that was to alter the course of American motorcycling in the years to come…

1973 Penton Story / 175cc Jackpiner / 100cc/125cc Enduro 8-Page Brochure available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

Circa 1972 Penton 125 Trials – the quality light-weight machine for the observed trials rider

The growing sport of observed trials now has a new mount to contend with, the new light-weight Penton 125 Trials machine. This new machine is manufactured in England where the sport of trials is the most advanced in the world and the new Penton Trials reflects this advancement. Based on the fantastic 125 Sachs engines as used in the Penton Six-Day, this engine has proven itself beyond a doubt to be the finest small bore engine in production today. The advanced frame design is of Reynolds “531” tubing. Look over the specs and check this new machine out at your Penton dealer if you’re an observed trials buff.

1972 -circa Penton 125 Trials Dealer Sheet available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1976 Cycle World Special Feature Article – Ten Best Bikes

Special Feature: Ten Best Bikes – Touring: BMW R75/6; 1000cc Roadster: Kawasaki KZ900; 750cc Roadster: Yamaha XS750; 500cc Roadster: Honda CB550F; 400cc Roadster: Yamaha RD400; Open MX: Adolph Weil Maico 400; 250 MX: Suzuki RM250; 125MX: Honda CR125; Enduro: KTM / Penton 400; Trials: Montesa Cota 348

Road Test: Suzuki GT380; Technical: Ignition Basics; Competition: USGP Wrap-UP; Women’s Motocross Nationals; Features: Professional Off-Road Racing; Prepping the Baja Racer; K-R TT500 Yamaha (Kenny Roberts); Off-Road Riding Techniques; Buying a used bike; more

R75-6 R-75 KZ-900 XS-750 CB550-F CB-550 RD-400 RM-250 125-MX CR-125

1976 October Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1973 Full Color Special Section: Cafe Racers – features & buyers guide

Full Color Special Section: Cafe Racers – features & buyers guide; Tests: Penton 175 Jackpiner, Suzuki RV125 Tracker, Harley-Davidson XLH1000, Hodaka Dirt Squirt; Features: How to ride – sliding; Konig – engine that’s changing road racing; Bonneville – off year for the salt; Minicycle Nationals; Laguna Seca; New Models ’74; Don’t lose your cool – Oil cooler; more

RV-125 XLH-1000

1973 November Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1973 48th ISDT, Dalton, Mass. – USA wins ISDT Vase

Cover: For the first time in history, the International Six Days Trials were held on American soil. Also for the first time, the Americans won the Silver Vase trophy.

Tests: Kawasaki 400 S-3 Triple, Yamaha MX100, Yamaha MX125; Features: Six Days – Dave Ekins inside story; How To Ride snow and ice; Gifts Yule Like for dirt and street; 1974 – year of the BMW – all new R90/S; New 1974 Models – Honda, Penton, Suzuki, Yamaha; Can-Am 125/175 preview from Canada; more

S3 MX-100 MX-125 ISDT R90-S R-90

1973 December Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1975 Motorcyclist Comparison Test: 8 Dirt / Street Enduro 250’s

Comparison Test: 8 Dirt / Street Enduro 250’s – Husqvarna 250-WR, Yamaha DT250B, Honda MT250, Can-Am 250 T’NT, Harley-Davidson SX250, Kawasaki 250 F-11, Honda XL250, Penton 250; Test & teardown: Suzuki Rotary RE-5; Features: Replacing worn out swing arm bushes; Trailing Trialer – make your Yamaha trialer a trailer; Fork Seal fix; Buyers Guide – rear set footpegs for your cafe racer; How to ride – rocks made easy; Bike basics: two-stroke theory; more

250WR DT250-B DT-250 MT-250 TNT SX-250 F11 XL-250

1975 January Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1974 Green Streaking Baja – whereas Ekins sat upon the Kawasaki 400 and flogged it all the way to LaPaz

Tests: Kawasaki KZ400, Husqvarna 250-CR, Penton 250; Features: Bolt-On Rear disc; Buyers Guide – big gas tanks; Ducati 750 -ultimate cafe racer; How to ride dirt – side hilling; Daytona 1974 -color, action, results; Project Suzuki – upping performance; Bike basics – carburetors; Five easy pieces – Kaw 750 hop-up; more

KZ-400 250CR

1974 June Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1970 Big 7 Superbike Comparison Test

Contents: Big 7 Superbike Comparison Test – Honda 750 Four, Kawasaki Mach III, Harley-Davidson Sportster XLCH, BSA Rocket 3, Triumph 750 Trident, Suzuki 500 Titan, Norton Commando “S”; Road Test: Penton 125 Motocross and Enduro; Competition: Inter-Am Motocross; Confrontation ’70 -the riders raps about their chances at Daytona; Technical: Harley-Davidson XR-750; Features: Mick Andrews; Underwater Enduro; more


1970 March Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1973 Petersen’s Motorcycle Buyers Guide

By the editors of Motorcyclist Magazine. Full Coverage! Photos and Specs!

Contents: 1973 the year of excitement; Super Benelli Six in a row; The RZ201; Is the shift lever extinct?; Kawasaki Z-1 – 1000 miles later; The Amazing RT-340; Specifications; Benelli, BMW, Bultaco, Cooper, Dalesman, DKW, Ducati, Greeves, Harley-Davidson, Hodaka, Honda, Husqvarna, Indian, Jawa CZ, Kawasaki, Maico, Monark, Montesa, Moto Guzzi, MZ, Norton Villiers, Ossa, Penton, Power-Dyne, Puch, Rickman, Rockford, Rokon, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha, Yankee, Zundapp; Mini-Bikes; Cafe Racers; more

1973 Petersen’s Motorcycle Buyers Guide available at www.DadsVintageAds.com