1949 May Motorcyclist Magazine – Vincent HRD road test

Cover Photo: A T.T. “Dust-Up” – Riders in recent west coast T.T. race experience dust up hill on course.

Contents: Letters; Report to our readers; Crotona Motorcycle Club Sportsman’s Trial; Conducting English Trials – suggestions regarding proper course and recognized scoring; Road Test Report: Vincent HRD series “B” Rapide; The Puch 125; Panthers and Harley-Davidsons take top honors at Yonkers M/C Spring Run; more

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Back-Cover Ad: The most talked about motorcycles in America…is making the JAWA Dealer Franchise the greatest profit-maker in motorcycles. As a JAWA dealer you feature a line of motorcycles in a class by themselves. Out of the large variety of motorcycles now being featured by motorcycle dealers, Jawa is the only line which is engineered for ready acceptance by the new post-war motorcycling public…As a Jawa dealer you can offer them a unique selection of three different models: The CZ 125, The Jawa 250 and the Ogar Twin…

1949 February Motorcyclist Magazine – Unprecented desert snow upsets “Big Bear National.”

Cover Photo: Unprecented desert snow upsets “Big Bear National.”

Contents: Letters; Big Bear National Championship – taken by Aub LeBard; Annual Pikes Peak Dash – taken by Roger Hayes; Motorcycle Hot Rod Exhibit; Matchless AJS for 1949; Marcel versus Bob Controversy; The Powell P-81; Pledge of Safety; Sports Slants; Motorcycling is Proud of this Man – C.F. Carson; The Man Behind the Panther – Mr. Peter Marians; 30 Years Ago; Club News; Daytona Announcement; more

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Back-Cover Ad: 1949 Norton Motors Ltd “The Unaproachable Norton” Ad

Built into every Norton motorcycle is all the vast wealth of knowledge gained in more than twenty years of unparalleled success on the road-racing circuits of the world. Take a good look at the next Norton rider you see…note the easy, natural riding position…the sparkling acceleration… the rock-steady braking…the hair-line steering on corners. That’s what “race-bred” means in a production model. Model ES2 illustrated above, is a well-established favorite with sporting enthusiasts. It combines at modest cost the superb high-speed handling of a racing machine, with the de luxe equipment of a fine road model. The 490 c.c. long stroke engine (79mm. x 100mm.) gives a fascinating reserve of extra speed. Overhead valves, push-rod operated, are totally enclosed and automatically lubricated….

All Metal Motocrosser – Terry Hobbs latest built to win in pre-1960 scrambling

Contents: Pre-60 scrambles Tribsa – Terry Hobbs magnificently crafted all-metal motocrosser; Road test – 1957 600cc Panther Model 100S and Watsonian Avon sidecar; The Yellow Velo – the tale of Velocette’s greatest victory in the U.S., the Catalina Island Grand Prix; Bernard Hooper story part 2; Norman Hyde Triumph Twin-engined Harrier; 1991 British Clubs Guide; Moto Guzzi Lodola; more

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