1962 Pannonia 125 ccm & 250 ccm motorcycle photos, specs, prices

250 – From one of the old established factories of Central Europe come these motorcycles, made for riders who want the finest in lightweights at unbelievably low prices. The 250cc of your dreams, 14 HP at 5100 RPM, two-stroke, four speeds, fully sprung front and rear 314 lbs., top speed 70 MPH. $459.50; 125 – A beautifully streamlined 125cc single cylinder, 2 stroke, 6 HP at 4800 rpm, Magneto ignition with battery, new low weight (200 lbs.)telescopic front fork, hydraulic rear suspension. Dual seat standard equipment. Top speed 55 mph. $337.50

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1961 Cover: Pannonia Motorcycle made in Hungary

Cover: Pannonia Motorcycle made in Hungary

Contents: Riverside Grand Prix; Thompson Raceway; ISDT; Racing at Reno; The Flying Bobby Hill; Corduroy Enduro; Paradise Found – Acapulco; 3-Way win for Hayes; 200-Mile Enduro; Canadian Climb; more

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