1963 – An Epic year on the Isle of Man

Cover Photo: Above – Lady Hulbert, wife of Sir Norman Hulbert, Chairman of Associated Motor Cycles, sits on a Norton Electra; photo taken after lunch with colorful English countryside background, At Right, Lady Hulbert is ready for a spin on the scenic back roads of England. Laconia – The color shots of Laconia for this isue were delayed due to engraving problems. They will appear on cover of September issue.

Features: Laconia Report; An Epic Year at The Isle of Man; Villiers Starmaker Engine; 1963 High Sierra Run; News from Italy; News from Overseas; North American Journey; Ocelot A-100 Scrambler; Touring Hints; Awards night in New England; FIM News Bulletin; It’s a matter of balance; Little Burr National; more


1963 August Floyd Clymer’s Motor Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com