1950 June Cycle Magazine – Harley-Davidson “61” Road Test

Cover Photo: With the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains forming a natural backdrop to the renowned Box Springs Grade T.T. course, the riders shown are sweeping through one of the fastest left-hand turns on the track. Photograph reveals the excellent surface, width of course, and rolling nature of this track. The Box Springs lay-out has been acclaimed beautiful but tricky.

Contents: Editor’s Viewpoint; The Plymouth Monster – 200 MPH aspirant 16 years ago; Indian nifties for the ’50’s – oldest U.S. manufacturer plans newest improvements; California Season opens at Riverside – 1950 tees off with T.T Card; Crater Camp Field Meet – Southern California Motorcycle Club’s Annual “Do”; British Motorcycles on Display at Grand Central Palace; The NSU Fox – Germany’s entrant in the lightweight Field; Testing the Harley-Davidson “61” Twin; Helpful Mathematics for Motorcyclists; Bulletins from Britain; History of Famous British Motorcycles AJS; A.M.A. Competition Rules for 1950; The Curtain rises on “The Greenhorn” – May 27, 1950; Interesting Motorcycle Pictures from here and there; more

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Back Cover Advertisement: Again in 1950 Triumph Leads the Field

This vintage motorcycle ad shows the 1950 model Triumph motorcycles with descriptions and retail prices.

Thunderbird 6T – 40 cu. inch (650 cc) $678.48
Tiger 100 T100 – 30.50 cu. inch (500 cc) $699.17
Speed Twin 5T – 30.50 cu. inch (500 cc) $659.80
Trophy Model TR – 30.50 cu. inch (500 cc) $706.49
Deluxe 3T 21 cu. inch (350 cc) $599.09

1955 Motorcyclist Magazine Cover Photo – Miss Nancy Woodruff and the ’55 Lambretta Motorscooter

Cover Photos: Highlighting this month’s cover is Miss Nancy Woodruff and the 1955 Lambretta Motorscooter. If the young lady looks familiar, it could be that you’ve seen her charming face on the nation’s billboards and magazines, as she is “Miss Rheingold 1955.” Reading clockwise, from the top right corner is the late Ray Amm on a 350 cc Norton in action in the ’54 German Grand Prix. In the center is England’s Johnny Hilton on a DMW MOto Cross in a 200 cc scrambles race at England’s Hawkestone Park. Bob McIntyre is shown well heeled over on the AJS Porcupine Twin at the Isle of Man Senior T.T. race. At lower left is NSU riders Hass and Muller keeping close company thruout the 250 cc race in the French Grand Prix at Rhelms.

Contents: Dodge City Highlights; New German Maico; Italy’s Ducati; “Two Plus One”; Chain Care; New Lambrettas Announced; Trials Riding Technique; Germany’s Adler; Turnout for Turner; Sport Slants; Norton’s ’55 Racing Plans; Indian Service School; Win Friends with your Motorcycle; more

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1954 December Motorcyclist Magazine – BSA Pin-up, Zundapp Sabre Road Test & more!

Cover Photo: Across the top is some colorful action at the Winchester T.T. course in Pennsylvania. Jack Mercer snapped this shot with his Speed Graphic and 15 inch telephoto lens. In the lower left-hand corner, Jack (the Bear) Sackett gets into some fancy broadsliding on his Triumph at California’s Sir Kegian T.T. course several years ago. At lower right we find expert rider Stan Schmidt momentarily airborne as he climbs a hill on his Harley-Davidson in a recent Northern California hillclimb meet.

Contents: Tommy Byars wins Southwest Championship; Los Angeles Hot Rod Show; AJS and Matchless for 1955; Around the World with Angus “Red Beard” McMonnies; BSA Pin-up – the lvely Miss La Verne Daughery on a BSA B34 Gold Star Clubman; Vincent Sets New British Empire Sidecar Record; Grand Prix Salon; Ethel Russell recalls her 1919 motorcycle ride as Pillion Passenger to scenic Yosemite Park; Moto Guzzi Wind Tunnel; Jimmy Phillips / Pacific Coast T.T. Championship; NSU Technical Illustration; New York Thruway Opens to Motorcycle Traffic; Hap Jones Appointed West Coast Distributor of Norton Motorcycles; Werner Haas Benched?; Paul Goldsmith / Williams Grove Race; Velocette offers new Scrambler for 1955; Zundapp Sabre Road Test; Bill Martin / In Search of Suspension; History of Dunlop Tires; more

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1972 Vintage Swedish Motorcycle Magazine – MC-Nytt – “NSU Racing Story”

Original, Vintage “MC-Nytt” magazine written in Swedish – February 1972; Includes “The NSU Story and a great centerfold poster of 1938 NSU SS350 replica motorcycle.

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1960 World’s most popular Moped – NSU Quickly

More than 1 million on the road. The Quickly is not a “motorized bicycle” – it is an entirely new machine, and it shows its new spirit in every aspect of its design…Depending on the model, the engine will run 120-160 miles on a single gallon of gas. You start the engine with a light kick, like a motorcycle, from the standing position. There’s no pushing, no need to furiously pedal…

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1951 Hawaii’s Fred DeMello wins motorcycle honors

Cover Story; Freddie DeMello is shown receiving the Tourist Trophy motorcycle championship award from Alfred Kovner, manager of Schubert’s Speedway at Waimanalo. DeMello won the TT series by scoring nine firsts out of 12 events; Contents: The Washington Story; Seven New Records; Black Hills Tour; The N.E.M.D.A. Roundup; Club News; Ohio’s New Champion Dick Klamfoth; Four Wheels in the Wind; Indian Point Park; The Japanese Honda Dream; The NSU LUX 200cc; BMW new models; more

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1960 NSU Motorcycles – three initials and what they stand for

NSU stands for Neckarsulm, the West German town where NSU has been established since 1873. ..Shown: NSU Supermax, NSU Prima, NSU Quickly TT-2

Also: The Cynophere – Invented by M. Huret, of Paris, France, and patented in the United States, December 14, 1875. The Cynophere consists of two large wheels, between which is a comfortable seat and rest for the feet. In front is a small guide wheel, the direction being controlled at will by a rod held in the right hand, while at the left is a brake by which the speed is regulated. Power is furnished by a dog within each of the side wheels, and so light is the draft that it is no more exertion for the dogs to run upon the treadway of the wheel than it is for them to go at the same speed at their own pleasure. The French Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to whom the subject was submitted by the inventor, unanimously endorsed the system. The vehicle is light and graceful in its mechanism, and can be used by ladies and gentlemen, without the slightest danger, discomfort or exertion. For pleasure purposes it is unsurpassed, and when fully introduced to the American public is destined to achieve a popularity far greater than that of the velocipede, while the moderate expense will bring it within the easy reach of all.

Also: Did you know that in 1922, a motorcycle was ridden all the way around the tracks of a roller coaster? That’s right. It was on the occasion of the Los Angeles Motorcycle Club’s 10th Annual Run to Santa Monica, September 17, 1922. Many games were held involving motorcycles…”Blick” Wolter announced that he would ride around the roller coaster tracks! The motorcycle he chose for this stunt was a four-cylinder Ace, which was very popular in the 20’s…

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1961 NSU Motorcycle American Headquarters moves to Boston

Shown: NSU 250cc Super Max

NSU American Headquarters move $250,000 parts inventory from New Jersey to Boston. NSU enthusiasts all over America now have a brand new sales, service and parts headquarters at 394 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Mass. Its complete with the largest stock ever of NSU parts. NSU veteran Fred Ehrenfried remains as parts and service supervisor, with a complete staff of factory-trained personnel. Regina Clauberg continues as Administrative Assistant, and Donald Weagel remains as Sales Representative. Their rule is that all orders are shipped out within 24 hours.

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1961 Cycle – Carroll Resweber does it again

Cover: Resweber does it again. Columbus, Ohio – Carroll Resweber wins the American Motorcycle Assn. high point championship for the 4th straight year.

Features: NSU Prima Road Test; Harley-Davidson for 1962; Resweber wins Watkins Glen; Every Second Counts; Racing at Edgewood; Fire Danger in California; Competition in Mexico; Racing at Mosport; Resweber Cops Springfield; Midwest Championship Scrambles; more

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1966 BSA Spitfire Mk. II Road Test / Specs

Contents: Road Tests: BSA Victor, BSA Spitfire Mk. II, Yamaha Twin Jet 100; 4-Cylinder NSU “Mammoth”; “Go Anywhere” Motorcycle; Racing on Ice; AMA Races at Daytona; Motorcycling in Mexico; Passing of a pioneer; Europe’s Pre-War Circuits; Vincent’s New 3-Wheeler; New Mounts for Minter; Road Racing Japanese Style; more

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1961 NSU Supermax Road Test No. 114

From the very first moment that we saw the NSU Super Max we could tell that this was a machine designed with the motorcycling purist in mind. The Super Max is one of the cleanest and quietest models that we have ever had the pleasure to test. In over four weeks of intensive testing, with only an occasional dusting at the end of each day, our machine didn’t have a single grease or oil spot on it. To be able to use the word immaculate regarding a motorcycle is usually quite difficult to do…

1961 NSU Supermax Road Test 3-Page Article available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1961 NSU Supermax Speedkit

Daytona: The Race that changed your racing chances

Here on this handsome asphalt track better known as the sports car battlefield – 47 motorcyclists raced their machines in the first FIM Lightweight Event ever held in Florida’s racing capital. 38 gruelling laps later on the 1.66 mile course, Moto Kitano of Tokyo, riding a Honda got the checkered flag to win the lightweight race. Kitano, a factory rider rode his special-built factory machine, a 4 cylinder, double overhead camshaft 250 cc (cost in the neighborhood of five figures, we understand). Second to him was Mike Hailwood of Oxford, England, riding another special factory job, a Mondial 250cc in the uppoer four figure cost class.

The real surprise performance of the meet, however, was the amazing showing made by the NSU’s. The talented young Louis Giron of Guatemala City rode his NSU in third position. Followed by Jess Thomas, Fort Worth, Texas who, despite a bad start, raced his converted NSU Superman past 43 riders into fourth position. A fantastic proof of the success of NSU conversions.

This race proved one thing. The average racer has a better than average chance to enter the winner’s circle. Expensive special factory machines are available to only a select few. “Production racers” proved no faster than NSU’s. The average racer, with an NSU Speedkit can now convert any Supermax to a Supermax C-28 (28 HP) – the same machine Jess Thomas rode. And the Supermax costs just $599 – the Speedkit under $200 – altogether less than $1000. We’d suggest you see your NSU dealer in time for the Spring and Summer events or write to NSU Cycle Products of U.S.A.

Photos: top – Louis Giron in FIM Lightweight race riding an NSU 250cc; bottom left – Salvatore Soto of Guatemala City leads Jess Thomas out of the S curve; bottom rigtht – NSU Supermax C28 gets loving attention of L. Giron, D. Weagel and J. Soto

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1951 Ruins to Records – the dramatic story behind NSU

Contents: Silver Clang for the Cowbell – Joe Gee whips 25th Jack Pine on a Triumph Twin; The Big Circle – Blackie Bullock and Sam Parriott blaze cycle history at Bonneville; Ruins to Records – the dramatic story behind NSU; A Race and a half for Billy Huber; Cactus Derby / Vern Hancock winner; BMW Geared for 1952; Blitzing the Velocette – standard 21 cu. in. single is smooth at 90; Payoff at Ulster; der Schotten circuit; Monza Madcap; more

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1969 450 Honda Super Sport Road Test / Specs – unbelievable acceleration & a top speed of 106

Cover Photo: A detailed study of the 4-cyl. 1100cc NSU-based Clymer/Munch Mammoth IV engine.

Road Tests: 450 Honda Super Sport CB450, Yamaha 125 Scrambler YAS1-C, Kawasaki 650 W2TT Commander, Vespa Ciao Moped; Gary Nixon Repeats as Grand National Champ; The Last Mile at Sacramento; Jack Pine Enduro; 12-Hour Race; The Four-Stroke Motorcycle Engine; Horoscope; Motorcycling’s hidden hazards; Legend of the Moto-Guzzi V-8; Budget Custom; more

W2-TT V8 CB-450 YAS1C

1969 January Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1974 Honda Elsinore CR125M

Cover: BJI editor and ’92 125 Vintage National Champ Greg Bastek aboard his super-clean, original 1974 Honda Elsinore CR125M.

Features: 1974 Honda Elsinore CR125M; The Isle of Man; NSU Museum – German motorcycle history; Thrice Born F-3 – Phil Schilling’s factory 175cc Ducati racer; Detroit Duo-Glide – A Police Pan from the motor city; Czech it out – Brand new CZ 125 and 1971 CZ 125 MXers; more

CR125-M CR-125 F3 CZ125 CZ-125

1993 October Bike Journal International Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1962 Road Tests of Jawa 250 & Parilla Scrambler Motorcycles

Cover: taken at the recent Pau Grand Prix in France – Camathias and his passenger on the BMW outfit on their way to an outright win.

Contents: Cycle World Test Procedure; Road Tests: Jawa 250, Parilla Scrambler; Scooter Test: NSU Prima; Mini-Bike Test – The Bug Flea; Technical: Two-Strokes part two; Tiny Bear – mini-bike competition comes of age; The Norton Manx; North from Panama – travel, the Central American way; more

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1952 NSU MAX adopts principles of locomotive in new “ultramax” – Clear the Tracks!

For a long time the overhead camshaft has been the mark of a powerful four-cycle engine, but even today OHC jobs are few. The evident advantages of the overhead camshaft, the smaller mass of moving parts of the valve train – either chain or shaft drive, have permitted safer and more accurate high revving but have apparently failed to reach the production machine because of several reasons…

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1961 International Six Days Trial rider D. Muller (Netherlands) leaps up muddy hill aboard his CZ

Cover: Top left, International Six Days Trial rider D. Muller (Netherlands) leaps up muddy hill aboard his CZ; Top Right, Matchless-mounted Don Surplice winner of Shamrocks Championship Hare and Hound; Below, novice TT competition at De Anza Park in Riverside, Calif.

Contents: Home Town Honors Resweber; NSU Super Max Road Test; Five Cycles to Guadalajara; ISDT; New Norton Navigator; Indian Summer Races at Harewood; BMW adds three new models for 1961; First Harley-Davidson Sprints arrive; Jawetta Mopeds new for ’61; Riverside TT to Dorresteyn; more

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