Honda CR93 factory 125cc roadracer

Cover: Hondas like this CR93 factory 125cc roadracer are some of the most sought after vintage Honda motorcycles. England’s Bob Rowe owns this immaculate racer and incidentally bought it from Beorge Beale, who is currently building those Matchless G50 race replicas. Rowe bought the bike in the condition you see here, bolted on a genuine NOS Honda fairing to it and the rest is history. See part 2 of our “How to Buy A Used Honda” article elsewhere in this issue and find out which other Honda models are hot.

Features: 1969 Honda CB350 – Bill Davidson’s heavy-hittin’ lightweight; Steamboat ’93 – where do all these vintage racers come from?; Del Mar Show; How to Buy a Vintage Honda part 2 -a list of the top ten vintage Hondas; Not just a motorcycle – a Ner-A-Car; Bellissimo Beezer – Michael Adam’s Italo-Anglo BSA Rocket 3; 1929 Harley-Davidson JDH – one of Harley’s rarest, fastest and most beautiful; more

CB-350 Neracar

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