The 1901 Harry R. Geer Blue Bird – in 1901 this was the Honda CBX of motorcycling

Cover: Top: 1901 Harry R. Geer Blue Bird; Bottom: Don Vesco broke his own Land speed Record but it wasn’t easy.

Contents: Suzuki DR370 Engine Hop-Up; Silk Motorcycle – created by George Silk from a modest factory in Derby, home of Mr. Rolls & Mr. Royce; Goggle buyers guide; Oil Coolers; Harley-Davidson -a quick look ’79 models; Around the World Tour; Street Boot Buyers Guide; 1901 Harry R. Geer Blue Bird; History of Yamaha; ISDT – Prepping the Suzuki PE175;; Don Vesco -the man of consummate patience sets a new record; Suzuki Racing Service; Trick Tips; Tire Pressure; Kenny Roberts Scoreboard; Motocross and Trophee Des Nations Teams; more

DR-370 Bluebird PE-175

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