The Panhead Bitsa Bike – building a rider from garage spares

Contents: Cover Story: The Panhead Bitsa Bike. Building a rider from garage spares. A “bitsa bike” Panhead project. Slight rake on the Harley rigid frame, a new-style front end and classic ’60s lines; BMW Race Legend Passes On – farewell to Georg Meier; Garellis in the Mist – flashbacks and fond memories; Changing a clutch – almost anyone can do it; more

1999 August Old Bike Journal Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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1969 Triumph 650 T120R Bonneville Road Test / Specs

Contents: Road Tests: Triumph 650 T120R Bonneville, Bultaco 360 El Montadero Woods-Enduro-Trail, Garelli 150 Gladiator; Features: Hard Travelin Lord…and gettin’ harder -ok the yanks improved but so did the doggone Europeans; Lecture to a Pusher -a few dos, a few don’ts; The Life of Paladin -ah what a life -getting through Europe on a smile and a shoeshine; Mexican 1000 – NORRA’s headline rally; Technical: Bridgestone GTR roadracer – Son of Secret Weapon pt 1 of 3; more

T120-R T-120

1969 March Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue – Triumph available at

1966 Garelli Rex KL-125 Lightweight Cycle, Milan, Italy

King of the Lightweights. Fun, Italian Style. The new, exciting Garelli-Rex Model KL125. One of the world’s finest high-performance fun cycles. Fun to ride, fun to own. Take a test spin soon. Join the swing to “Fun – Italian Style!” American Rex Corp., San Mateo, Calif, 94401, a wholly owned subsidiary of Garreli Rex, Milan Italy.

1966 Garelli Rex KL-125 Lightweight Cycle, Milan, Italy Ad available at

1967 Bultaco TSS Water Cooled Road Racer

Contents: Roadrace in the desert; Rosmarie Martino; Oil Pump Conversion; Harley-Davidson Drag Bike; Oil Myth; Tony Murphy tells how to ride a roadrace; Airheart disc brake; How to prepare your roadracer; Greeves 250 Challenger Road Test; Garelli 125 Road Test; Montesa 250 la Cross Road Test; Corriganville Special; Miss Modern Cycle; Water Cooled Bultaco; Two Stroke Hop Up; Death Valley; Stud Removal Technical; Action Photo Contest; Aircleaner Technical; more

1967 March Modern Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue – Bultaco available at

1969 Garelli KL-150 Gladiator – beauty is only skin deep

If lots of chrome and kicky colors are all that turn you on, there are flashier looking bikes than Garelli. But if you know it’s not how a bike looks, but how it’s put together, Garelli’s quiet quality, deep durability and superb craftsmanship will keep you turned on long after lesser bikes turn you off.

1969 Garelli KL-150 Gladiator – beauty is only skin deep Ad available at