1953 Francis-Barnett Motorcycle Road Test – Roadster in the Rough

Cover: The two-strokes blueprinted on the cover indicate that there are great things in store for those who think their poppers should have more steam. See Henry Meier’s how to do it article, the first of a series, on page 26. Bob Schanz, Cycle’s new editor tries out the Francis-Barnett Falcon 64 Scrambler, this month’s road test machine.

Contents: From One to Quaternity; Roadster in the Rough – Franciss-Barnett Road Test; Night and the Desert; Trials of a Tyro; Triumph Goes All Out; European Showcase; Open Letter to the AMA Competition Committee; Want to be a Road Racer?; Novices Clash at Laconia; More Power for your Two-Stroke; more

1953 December Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com