Motorcycle Collector Magazine – 1956 Harley-Davidson KHK

Cover: This month’s cover bike is a model that many people have heard of, but few have actually seen. Only about seven hundred of the 1956 Harley-Davidson KHK model were made and few have survived in complete condition. Our cover bike is a nicely restored example of the KHK.

Contents: Cover Story: 1956 Harley-Davidson KHK; Van Order Collection part XI -photos of some various single cylinder racers from the 20’s and 30’s; The Friedman Files – Daytona 200-miler during the early 1970’s; Resource Spotlight -England’s Tony Maughan & Sons, Vincent Motorcycle parts; Reader Restorations – subscriber Butch Houston serving in Armed Forces based in Egypt has uncovered a thriving motorcycle restoration source specializing in BSA; Track Test: ESO 500-cc Motocrosser; more

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