1974 BSA Does not necessarily mean “Bastard Stopped Again” – secrets of keeping a bouncing baby Beezer alive

Technical Stuff: BSA Does not necessarily mean “Bastard Stopped Again” – secrets of keeping a bouncing baby Beezer alive; Feature Bikes: One Grand Pan; Inley? Hardian? Indian Davidson?; Suddenly it’s 1946; What has one headlight, four cylinders, three wheels and a tiller….Future Trike, dummy; Product Tests: The Kerker Exhaust System; Braided Steel Lines – nice flash, small increase in security; R.C. Enginnering’s Dual Webers for the Honda Four; more

1974 November Choppers Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1962 Motorcyclist Cover Photo: Hugh Viney in the Scottish Six Days Trial of 1952

Cover: Scottish Six Days Trial of 1952 with Hugh Viney riding his AJS up a steep twisting trail in the Scottish Highlands; Contents: BSA for 1962; The Long Journey; The Clasic “Double”; Portfolio from the past; Recently AMA approved models; Dealer Guide; Classified Advertising; On the Alert!; Candid Comments; Thru the Gears; Letters to the Editor; more

1962 March Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1972 Rickman Metisse 125 Enduro Road Test / Specs

Cover: Rickman Metisse 125 Enduro – One of the fanciest and best handling motocross frames ever marries a reliable, high-performance 125; Dirt Tests: Rickman Metisse 125 Enduro, Yamaha DT2-MX, Bultaco Pursang 125, BSA Victor 500 MX, Kawasaki 175 Enduro, Husqvarna 125 Motocross; Features: Mint 400; Tibblin-Grossi Racing Team; Jim Sandiford Trials School part 3; Technical: Yamaha DT1 Engine Strip; more

DT-2 DT2MX 500MX DT-1

1972 October Dirt Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1967 Gary Nixon profile and history

Cover: A fitting tribute to the outstanding star at Daytona International Speedway in March is this speed study of Gary Nixon astride his winning Triumph. If you’re the eagle-eyed type you may have noted that Gary was wearing white leathers in the 200-Mile AMA National Championship. Photographer Jerry West snapped this fine shot during practice (Undoubtedly the status symbol of a successful racer will now be the ownership of two sets of leathers!). The day before the 200 Nixon also copped the 100-miler for 250cc Class riding a Yamaha.

Contents: Gary Nixon Profile; Daytona Races; New Honda Trail 90; Disc Brakes for Mike Hailwood; A Gilera 4 in Idaho; Two New BSA Lightweights; The 2-Stroke Engine; A New Suzuki; That Was the Race That Was! – Catalina; Great Mountains of the West; Munich Flashback; British Powerhouse; more

1967 June Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1962 BSA Motorcycles – Super Rocket, Royal Star, Sportsman

A BSA for every road rider! BSA Super Rocket 650cc Sport Twin – high performance sport-twin with new quick-getaway gearing for all the speed you’ll ever need…new brilliant appearance too, with bright metallic enamels, more snap and sparkle, best looking motorcycle you’ve ever seen!; BSA Royal Stars – brand new, all-new are these spectacular unit-construction twins. Here are powerful, capable road cruisers in both 650 and 500cc capacities -designed for relaxed, comfortable motorcycling, built to stay in the traffic-flow on American highways. Royal Star 650 finished in Brilliant Metallic Red and chrome. Royal Star 500 finished in Bright Metallic Blue and chrome. BSA Sportsman SS-90, 90 mph lightweight – light, powerful, good looking 350cc in new Metallic Blue and chrome – a brand new super-sport single by BSA. Features include high compression piston, competition cams, large bore carburetor, sport type chrome fenders…Ask your BSA Dealer!

1962 BSA Motorcycles – Super Rocket, Royal Star, Sportsman Ad available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1970 Modern Cycle Mini-Bike Guide Issue

Contents: Maxi-Guide to Mini-Bikes – a guide to what’s happening in the mini-bike field; Road Tests: Kawasaki G31M Centurion, BSA 250 Starfire, Ossa Plonker; Maverick Mk. III Minibike Impression; More Ascot Moto-Cross; A Beginner at 49; Electrical Technical; Baja by Mini; Floating Backing Plate; Saddleback Inter-Am; Custom BSA; The Trailmakers; Miss Modern Cycle; more

1970 April Modern Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1974 Used & New motorcycle prices – over 1000 cycles listed & priced!

1974 Cycle Prices. Used & New motorcycle prices! Wholesale & Retail! Over 1000 cycles listed & priced! All Facts, no advertising!

1974 Edition Cycle Prices Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1968 BSA Thunderbolt – how to tame 49 wild horses

Easy. Saddle up a Thunderbolt BSA! You’ll find out fast who’s master when you put the spurs to 654 cc’s of powerhouse. In seconds you’re charging at 100 mph – and then some. Change your mind, and Thunderbolt’s big brakes rein things back to zero in a hurry! BSA breeding shows upall along the line. In the slim, sleek profile – from chrome sports fenders to racing type dual seat. In faultless engineering. In a host of details like the six plate multiple disc clutch, twin down swept pipes, Dunlop K-70s front and back, total performance cam. So why horse around with lesser breeds. Go thoroughbred…with Thunderbolt….Move into the bold world of BSA.

1968 BSA Thunderbolt – how to tame 49 wild horses Ad available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1973 Custom BMW? You don’t see many of these.

Cover: Jack Duffy’s Custom BMW. It’s not every day you see a custom BMW. And it’s not every day you see any kind of machine with the detail of this jewel; Special Features: In quest of the world’s oldest living light bulb – one more touring record for BMW; Harley-Davidson for 1973; Triumph/BSA preview for the new year; Road Test: Honda 450/500 Shootout – is 7 seconds worth $350?; Feature Bikes: Duffy’s Custom BMW; John Miehle’s -student body president builds a riding Knucklehead; A racer builds a chopper – Mike Huggins; Ontario 250 Pictorial; Technical: Stage Tuning the Big Honda 750 part 1; Spark Plug cross reference chart; Big Bike goes shopping for a used bike; more

1973 January Big Bike Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1967 Motorcyclist Magazine – Harley-Davidson KR – last of the breed

Cover photo: Rick McBride was on location in London for BSA, shooting pix for their new catalog, future ads and posters. This is one of them. The photo was taken in the Chelsea section of London, off of Kings Road. The models are a 1968 BSA 650cc Thunderbolt, Robert Campbell (from Australia) and Jane Solo.

Contents: Carlsbad Road Race / Gary Nixon; Midwest Showdown – Oklahoma’s 9-Mile Nat’l; Britain’s Race of the Year at Mallory Park / Mike Hailwood; Road Test: Jawa Californian II; Last of the Breed – Harley-Davidson’s KR Competition model; Enduro Time – Cayuta 150-miler and Sandy Lane; One for the road – MV Agusta Fours in road trim now in cutomers hands; Aggie – profile of J.C. Agajanian – auto & motorcycle racing promoter; Traveling motorcycles; Cactus Derby; 4 Days on the road; Corduroy Enduro; The Ariel Story; more

1967 December Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

450 Ducati Desmo Special – if you can’t find the duck you want, build one

Cover Story: 450 Ducati Desmo Special – if you can’t find the duck you want, build one. The author’s 450 Desmo “Special” pictured here is a veritable collage of Ducati heritage. The heart of this graceful beast is the ultimate extension of Fabio Taglioni’s original concept: the wide-case, 450cc single with Desmodromic head. This particular engine is from the “R/T” dirt bike…the magneto’s separate lighting and ignition coils eliminate the need for a battery…a PHF3 Dell-Orto pumper taken from a twin is installed…otherwise the engine is stock…the chassis is from a Mototrans “Vento” model… the forks are Ducati and the rear damping duties are handled by Fox gas shocks…the headlight and mounts are Norton…the taillight assembly is from a 750 Sport…the seat is from a 900SS and the tank is a steel unit from the 250cc Diana…the front brake is an interesting piece being a Ceriani four-leading shoe assembly with magnesium side plates, as used on Aermacchi’s 250cc production road racers of the 1960s…the stainless steel fenders are aftermarket pieces adapted by the author…Veglia tach, Tomaselli clip-ons, CRA rear-sets, Dunstall Decibel silencer and Michelin Hi-Sport radials complete the cafe flavor.

Features: 450 Ducati Desmo Special – if you can’t find the duck you want, build one; Swap Meets -they are fun and can be a great place to buy; BSA Oil Tech – Stop your BSA from wet-sumping; Stick ’em up – cool refrigerators; more

1998 October Old Bike Journal Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1981 Knucklehead Fever…oldies from mild to wild

Cover: Custom craftsmen Ed Breedlove and Bob Alford thumbed their noses at convention and built a matching pair of knuckleheads; Feature Bikes: Knucklefever – pair of finely crafted knucks; High-Intensity Harley – Larry Brancaccio’s disc-wheeled wonder; Wings forever; Introduction: The Knuck – some background on Harley’s most desired engine; Jimmy Rait’s timeless knucklehead sidecar; The Whatchamacallit-Head – is it a knuck or isn’t it?; High-Country Low Rider; Bizarre Beezer; Goldrush; Special Interest: Something’s Burning – a new art for custom bikers?; The way they do it in Texas; The Dazzling Dellorto; Showcase: Rory Pentecost – one of custom painting’s rising stars; Technical: The Shovester – and oh how it shoves!; more

1981 July/August Custom Bike Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1969 Harley-Davidson Rapido Sport MLS 125 Road Test / Specs

Road Tests: Harley Davidson Rapido Sport MLS 125, Yamaha 100 L5T, BSA 250 Starfire; Customize the Harley Engine; A Day at the Drags; Honda 90 Top-End Job; Meet the Yamaha 175 Enduro; The Speedway Scene; Custome Painting -2; New Montesa Forks; Five Porting; Tips from the troops; Action Photo Contest; Miss Modern Cycle; Losers Have more fun – road racing over 50?; more


1969 July Modern Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1972 BSA Motorcycle Catalog / Brochure – Photos, specs

BSA motorcycles are famous for their combination of modern engineering and superb styling. And for 1972, we proudly present the finest BSA’s ever. In them, our engineers offer the most advanced motorcycles in our history, including all the latest race-developed improvements. These include such features as the No-Tank Oil System, which runs the lubricant through the frame, completely eliminating the oil tank; the lighter weight, yet stronger front forks made of highest quality alloys, and triple cylinders for unbeatable power. And these are just some of the improvements. We believe you’ll agree that for 1972, BSA offers you the finest machines on the market today.

Shown in catalog: BSA A75 Rocket 3, BSA A65L Lightning 650, BSA A65T Thunderbolt, BSA B50SS Gold Star, BSA B50T Victor, BSA B50MX Motocross

A-75 A65-L A-65 B-50 B50-SS B50-T

1972 BSA Motorcycle 8-Page Catalog / Brochure available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1970 BSA 250 Starfire Road Test / Specs

Cover: A low-angle view of the high-performing BSA 250 Starfire

Road Tests: BSA 250 Starfire, Indian 100 Moto-cross; A look at InterAm -the soothsayer of motorcycling in the seventies; Ascot TT; Bolt-On Honda Mini-Trail Hop-Up; The Immortal Record – the story of a unique Moto Guzzi and a Franciscan monk, Luigi Cavanna; A look a motorcycling today; Custom in a box; Mini-Bike Corner; Goldstar Cowtrailer -yes Virginia there really is a Jim Hunter; more

1970 March Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1971 Harley-Davidson Baja 100 Road Test & Specs

Cover: tense moment during the recent Inter-Am Moto-Cross at Pepperell, Massachusetts

Road Tests: Harley-Davidson Baja 100, Velocette Thruxton, Greeves Pathfinder; Gary Pohlman Custom Honda 450; 1971 Model Previews – BSA/Triumph/Suzuki; Baja 1000 – team of Phil Bowers & Mike Patrick; Mini-Bike Corner – Suzuki Trail Hopper; Bay Mare Moto-Cross; Journey thru Latin America; Hopetown G.P. – Preston Petty; more

1971 February Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1972 Triumph Trophy Road Test: Perfect All-Around Bike?

Contents: Triumph Trophy test – a touch of sanity amid the superbikes; Suzuki Rover Impression – fat-tired, funny looking and fun; Moto Guzzi 750 Sport first review; The Anatomy of a Honda Hawk, with color cutaway; Meet Mick Andrews; The racer that never raced – 1939 Supercharged Velocette Twin; Lightweight Tune-Up -you can do it!; The Pagan Special – TT-styled Triumph road racer; Rigid All The Way – stiffist Honda Four in town; Ariel Ballet – big singles can be customized too; Spitfire and Polish – Southern flavor in a BSA; Mikuni Magic; Barstow to Vegas; more

1972 February Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue – Triumph available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1947 BSA 500 O.H.V. Twin Model A7

B.S.A. 30 Cu. In. Vertical Twin A-7. It’s here in the U.S.A. Not just a gleam in a designer’s eye. Not just lines on the white paper of a drawing board. Not just a job “We may bring out in ’48 – if” but B.S.A.’s bran’ new from stem to stern conception of what a Vertical Twin needs to be -and it’s here now! Clean as a whistle – no external oil leads or push rod covers. More easily and more economically serviced, wheels quickly detachable and interchangeable. Tanks come off and go on again in forty seconds flat to decarbonize. Geared oil pump, timed breather, tubular hydraulic fork designed as a unit with the frame, and, an overall weight of 365 pounds go to make this the finest sporting motorcycle the world has ever seen. Investigate before you invest. It’s better to be sure than sorry. See the B.S.A. vertical twin at your B.S.A.-Sunbeam dealers store today. Sole Importers Rich Child Cycle Co., Inc.

1965 BSA 4-Page Color Motorcycle Brochure

New action for 1965 – BSA leads the way. Shown in brochure: Lightning 650 Twin, Hornet 650 Twin, Cyclone 500 Twin, Thunderbolt 650 Twin, Royal Star 500 Twin, BSA 350, SS80 Sport Star 250, 250 Star, Starfire Scrambler 250, Red Flash 75, Super Bantam, Trail Bronc

1965 BSA 4-Page Color Motorcycle Brochure / Ad available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

1965 History of the Marque – BSA motorcycle history print article

Fourteen men, gunsmiths by trade, sat around a long boardroom table in Birmingham, England and watched as Mr. E. Otto prepared to demonstrate his invention – a bicycle. In 1861, the gunsmiths had formed the Birmingham Small Arms Company and as the musket business had been poor in 1880, they were looking about for a new item to produce…

Photo top left: the first BSA venture into the two-wheled field was this Otto bicycle, of which some 200 were built in the 1880s. The unusual “bike” steered and braked with inverted stirrup handles, pedal power was transmitted to wheels via two belts. Bell on right pedal warned traffic of its approach.

1965 History of the Marque – BSA motorcycle history 2-Page Article available at www.DadsVintageAds.com