1971 Spring Petersen’s Motorcycle Sport Quarterly Buyer’s Guide by Bob Greene

Contents: Specifications for all Models; The Fury of the BSA; Moto-Crossers ride the dyno; The Parade of ’71’s; On the trail of the 125’s; Accessory Catalog; Motorcycle Sport Quarterly, the Buyer’s Guide edition specifically, is dedicated to solving any and all perplexities regarding your introduction to the sport of motorcycling. If the answer isn’t to be found somewhere in the tediously compiled charts of specifications or seat-of-the-pants commentary of one of our many tests…192 pages, softcover, condition: very good

1971 Spring Petersen’s Motorcycle Sport Quarterly Buyer’s Guide by Bob Greene available at www.DadsVintageAds.com


1972 Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide – Complete Lineup – All Tech Specs

Presents all pertinent facts, specifications, prices and other related data on the new models of 35 (count ’em) different manufacturers. Covers many topics of interest to motorcyclists – riding tips, financing, insurance, legislation, protective riding apparel, accessories, comparative dyno tests of six fire-breathing 750cc musclebikes, plus a minibike section. Another chapter is on special custom built machines; and there’s a far-out pictorial display of bikes from around the world – whatever your two-wheeled kick, Motorcyclist Buyer’s Guide is here to bring you hours of pleasurable, informative reading.

1972 Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide by Bob Greene and the Editors of Motorcyclist Magazine available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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1973 Motorcycle Buyers Guide – Complete Specs on all 1973 Bikes!

Contents: 1973 Superbike Comparison, 7 bikes rated 1-7; Category Index – brands listed by cc and purpose; The ’73s -this is why you buy the Buyers Guide; Minibike / Minicycle Catalog; How much do they really weigh; Dynamometers do not lie; How an old Ducati restored a man; Map freaks have more fun; Break-In made easy; Accessories; Motorcycle Laws by State; more

1973 Cycle Buyers Guide Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com