1967 Bultaco Metralla Road Test – Spain’s own five-speed super swinger

Road Tests: Bultaco Metralla, Triumph T100R Daytona Sports, Batavis Flying Dutchman; Features: Hang-ups; The London Show; Spain – at home with the Bultaco Metralla; Big-Time Harley – watch out ladies here comes the killer on his very first bike; Competition: Torsten’s American Lark; Corriganville Grand Prix; Technical: Spark Plugs and Ignitions; The Modified Montesa; Fastening and Vibration; more

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1967 Batavus Flying Dutchman 50cc cycle

It costs a little more, there must be a reason! When you first see it, ride it, the reason the Flying Dutchman costs more is obvious. It sits on the biggest frame of any 50cc in the world. It is the only 50cc with a 5 speed transmission for faster getaway and smoother get-there.

(better built by Batavus of Holland (est. 1906))

Also: The Batavette “Glideaway” – America’s first true Moped from Holland. Pedal for exercise…Glide for fun…motor for distance…

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