David Mann ”Heavy Rain Breakdown” 16” x 20” Matted Motorcycle Biker Art #8209ezrxmc

“Heavy Rain Breakdown'”

“When things go wrong, they go wrong in bunches,” David summarized regarding this center spread. Many a biker has no doubt stopped to ponder th logic of entrusting the adhesion of so much horsepower to a master link no bigger than a matchbox. In this case, the soaked rider will have more than enough time to consider the engineering dilemma. But in keeping with a biker’s resourcefulness, which was all too often tested in the early days of chopper riding, a spare master link was usually tucked away for such ride-ruining occasions. If a large enough rock could be found, so much the better. Not that lifting the rear end of a 500-lb. Harley would be made too much easier by anything short of a shop jack. Keeping the bike steady on the slippery rock’s surface was another chore altogether, something the biker’s ol’ lady no doubt looked forward to with almost as much unrequited glee as she did at the beginning of her walk back through the downpour in search of a chain.

David Mann biker art centerfold poster removed from a vintage Easyriders motorcycle magazine, matted as shown, ready to insert into a 16″ x 20″ frame.

Great vintage motorcycle artwork print to decorate your office, garage, basement, rec room, man cave & more! Makes a great gift!

Size including mat: 16″ x 20″
Image area: approx. 10″ x 15″


David Mann ”Heavy Rain Breakdown” 16” x 20” Matted Motorcycle Biker Art #8209ezrxmc available at www.DadsVintageAds.com


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