1980 Kawasaki KDX175 Uni-Trak – it’s new, it’s different, it works

Road Tests: Kawasaki KDX175, Honda CBX, Suzuki RM125T, Yamaha XS850G, Suzuki GS550ET; Features: Yamahas for 1980; We have ways to make you safe – the German Government’s approach to motorcycle safety may be a frightening look into our own future; Owner Survey – BMW Twins; Trans-USA Series; 1979 ISDT; History: Ed Kretz and no. 38 – it took a durable combination to win the first Daytona 200; more

KDX-175 RM125-T RM-125 XS850-G XS-850 GS-550

1980 February Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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