1971 Kerry Kleid, the first licensed professional woman motorcycle racer

Cover: Kerry Kleid, the first licensed professional woman motorcycle racer.

Women play a large and active part in the sport of motorcycling, and their interests include the full spectrum of motorcycle activity. Their involvememt ranges from moral support for a badly whipped enduro-riding husband to total commitment to professional competition.

Some are happy to be back seat companions, preferring not to drive motorcycles themselves, yet they thoroughly enjoy a refreshing tour in the country. Some ride and maintain their own road machines, using them for long-distance runs or for short jaunts to the market. And many enter actively into American Motorcycle Association road and endurance run competition.

In the world of professional competition women with wrenches are a common sight, and recently they have begun entering the events as competitors.

Others prefer to be motorcycle wives rather than motorcycle widows. Staying at home with the kids on a Sunday is not to their liking when it is more enjoyable to make motorcycling a family activity at the race track.

The term “Motor Maids” is synonymous with the world of women on wheels. It is a national organization that stands as proof that no contradiction exists between motorcycles and femininity.

This issue of AMA News is about woman’s involvement with motorcycles. The cover features Kerry Kleid, the first licensed professional woman motorcycle racer. It was rendered by artist Ned Moore of Columbus, Ohio.

Contents: Special Women’s Features: Women in the pits and on the track; Easy Motorcycle Riding; Back Seat Rider; The Odyssey of a touring grandmother; Hazel Crest Woman finds cycling rewarding; 31st National Motor Maid Convention; Cycling seen as family sport; more

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