1952 Roger Gamaunt Banking Motorcycle Sidecar

The banking sidecar returns and this time Roger Gamaunt really has it – a 95 pounder that handles with solo ease.


– The day’s work behind, the hack tested and proven, Roger “takes five.” Back in his garage it only took two minutes to stow the sidecar away. Future plans include radio, manifold heater and bubble canopy.

– Haley’s Comet had nothing on this fireball. Roaring past, the trim lines of this novel sidecar can be clearly seen. Although moving at a high speed the operator may relax to an effortless solo type ride.

– The bike takes the high road, the hack takes to low road, and all your teeth still stay in place showing the ride in this Cadillac of new sidecars.

– Demonstrating 75 per cent of the banking angle, the Ariel Square Four sits overlooking the San Fernando Valley. Inside the brake drum, can be seen the independent shock strut for the third wheel. This shock strut adjustable to an empty hack or a full 250 pound weight.

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